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PROJEKT: Tyreso colourful fresh water

Our First Ideas

We have started looking at the most colourful freshwater fish and their needs

These are some nice pictures of ideas, of course, they will change as we discover not everything is possible

The raw materials set up

Now we have washed our stones, connected our pump and electrical supply which we must make safer before plants

We are still making big decisions about our fish after our last visit to the pet shop.We have some new members this week. Next week back to the pet shop for roots and stones and some landscaping afterward. 


We have been working hard and there have been alot of additions:



Our Aquarium Now

Since the above, we have added plants, shrimp, a filter fish and various other fish that we will describe soon.


The Creators

From Left to right






Introduction of the Shrimp and the Filter fish

Yet to be named and claimed

The shrimp's favorite place

At least 1 of the 2 shrimp can usually be found in here.

And finally the fish

Much more specific information about the fish to follow.

But for now:

Yesterday we checked pH and other, all tests were within the ideal range,

We have decided to leave the light on at weekends but only on for 8 hours during the week.

We have decided to use warm water when changing the water as the ideal temperature we have chosen is 27degrees.

Now we are having small, little cute baby fishes. They are 3 baby fishes now, with a small body. They like to swim with the root and in the corners.  They like to swim in warm places and beside the warmer. They are so small to see, so its hard to spot them. They are soo cute and we can not wait to see them grow up. We have maby find an egg on a coconut shell. And it looks like another fish is going to have a baby.

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