Hittade artikeln "Are you ready for the challenge of breeding the kuhli loach?" då jag googlade "breeding kuhli loaches."

"Kuhli loaches are social animals and need a large group to really feel safe enough to venture out in daylight. They often hide when there aren't at least a couple of "bolt holes" (caves or other places where they can hide and feel secure if the need arises). It sounds like just the opposite of what you would think, but the more hiding places you provide, the more secure they are, and the less they actually hide. Provided with these two basic needs, kuhlis will be out and about nearly all day long, scouring every surface in the tank for every morsel of missed fish food and chasing each other throughout the tank.
They are happiest when kept in groups of a dozen or more."

Informationen som står om att hålla kuhlii-ålar anser jag stämma bättre än den zoopet erbjuder (jag har själv 10 st som är mycket aktiva under dagen). Jag har dock aldrig lyckats odla dem, så den biten kan jag inte kommentera.

Men det kanske är dags för zoopet att uppdatera sin information angående dessa krabater, eller vad tycker ni?